6:39 PM

Tuning: FD 7700

Here’s my attempt at tuning the front derailer on my ride.  I couldn’t do this earlier because of the limits of my old scale.  Now that I have a more sensitive scale I can get down to shaving!  The setup including derailer, all bolts and a generic eBay 34.9mm clamp comes out to be a tiny bit above 100 grams.
Picture 4937
The derailer came more optimized than I expected.  I had a set of Ti limit bolts, Teflon limit bolts, Ti cable clamp bolt, and Ti clamp bolt that’s used for mounting the derailer onto the clamp.  The original clamp bolt turned out to already be Ti so that was a surprise.  The stock limit bolts were aluminum and turned out to be lighter than the titanium ones and undiscernibly close to the Teflon pieces so I just kept it stock.  The only bolt worth replacing was the cable pinch bolt (M5x8.5mm). 
Picture 4941
As for the clamp I replacedthe steel bolt for a Ti piece.  Then I got on drilling! Quite conservatively though because this IS going to be a hard ridden bike. 
Picture 4945
All of the drilling saved only a little more than a gram! 
Picture 4947
Overall I was only able to shave about 4 grams.  All in the name of total efficiency….
Picture 4948
Picture 4953