6:45 PM


I decided to hardcore-ize my seatpost a little more by replacing the top clamp piece with yokes.  Yokes are the bridges that hold the rails of the saddle down.  I took inspiration from the latest KCNC yokes as they seem to be the most geometrically strong.  Some slight design changes have already been made so hopefully mine comes out strong.
Fresh out of the oven and in raw form, the prototype!!  This one is actually out of 6061 aluminum and isn’t as strong as 7075 Al, which is what highly stressed parts are usually made of.
Picture 4986
Picture 4990
Picture 4994
With the little changes I made it’s a surprise that the weights still came out the same.
Picture 4983 Picture 4982
One of the things I changed was the fit as the original KCNC piece didn’t sit on the rails as well.  My piece does however. 
Picture 4993
Stay tuned, I’m waiting for hardware and 7075 to come in to finish this project.