Just because they’re deep under your bike people forget about them.  The Bolts that hold your cable guides are horribly overkill.  For this job a nylon bolt will do just fine.  If you’re extra careful, a nylon bolt with some glue to stick the guide to the frame itself will be extremely efficient.
Picture 5491
Around here its tough to find metric nylon bolts but a 8-32 standard bolt is pretty much the equivalent and will suffice. Ace hardware and True Value hardware stores should carry the 8-32 bolts.  The single steel M5 bolt weighs 2.9 grams.  4 nylon 8-32 bolts weigh 1.3 grams making them only .325 grams each! 
Picture 5493 Picture 5497
I had plans of filing doing the big head to save some more weight but they fit the guide perfectly the way they are.
Picture 5498
I decided to put them on all of my bikes.  Again, they fit perfectly into the guides.
Picture 5502
They also work well as caps for unused bottle cage bolts.
Picture 5507