I decided to try my hand at making some Utralite ultra strong rim strips!

Now not everyone has a roll of carbon fiber in their garage but if you do you’re going to need it.
Picture 5450
Lovely lovely carbon.
Picture 5455
You’re also going to need a double sided tape.  The stickier the better, and the thinner/lighter the better.  If its a 15-17mm strip that’ll save you some time too.
Picture 5456
Stick one side of the tape to the carbon like so.  Then do another strip inside of this one.
Picture 5462
Now you’re ready to cut your strip out.
Picture 5465
It should look like this.
Picture 5467
The edges can get pretty messy.  Don’t breathe it in and don’t get it on your skin as it’ll get very itchy.
Picture 5469
This is one strip long enough for a 700c wheel. 12 grams!
Picture 5473
The backing paper weighs in at 2.5 grams.
Picture 5479 Picture 5483
Rubber rim strips can sometimes be too weak, causing punctures.  They are also prone to corroding like the one below.
Picture 5475
Looks freaken sweet brah.
Picture 5485
Conclusion:  The strips look pretty cool indeed.  They also seem to be holding 100 psi without any issues.  The problem here is the weight.  At 12 grams minus the 2.5 grams for the backing paper, each strip comes out to be 9.5 grams.  That’s quite heavy.  Rox Rim strips are advertised at 3 grams per pair!  Although they seem to have strength issues, at 3 grams per pair you can double up on the tape and it’ll still be lighter than this carbon tape.  Even Velo plugs, although a bit of a hassle to install, come out to less than 5 grams per wheel. 
Picture 5489
I was curious to see whether the weight came from the carbon or the tape so I took another measurement: the tape in the same length with the backing and it came out to 7.3 grams. 

7.3 grams – 2.5 grams for the backing makes the tape itself 4.8 grams.

9.5 grams – 4.8 grams means the carbon itself is 4.7 grams. 

SO unless a stickier lighter tape can be found carbon fiber doesn’t seem to be a competitive solution.  Again, it looks quite cool though.