I’ve been pretty curious about these Chinese generic carbon frames that are quite abundant nowadays.  These are sometimes called “Chinarellos” because of their early resemblance to Pinarello’s high end frames.  Nowadays, however,  these factories are pumping out so many of their own models and designs that once bike snobs are curious enough to have a try at them.  There are many reviews and opinions on the internet about them but the general consensus that I’ve gathered is that their quality is increasingly getting higher and higher.  It seems that most people who have one are very satisfied.  Lastly, the prices are also going down as the volume of timid shoppers have become buyers, inflating the market with more and more frames.

I’m going to be shooting for Sub 14 lbs for as cheap as I can go.  Much of that means buying 2nd hand,  making my own parts, and tuning existing components.   Hopefully the price won’t go anywhere near or above $1500.

On to the frame:  I got this baby new but from a local who purchased the wrong size.  As a result, I got it for $300.  Not a bad start.  It’s actually a size too small but it’s workable and being a size too small goes well with the goal of sub 14 lbs.
Picture 5452
Picture 5455
Picture 5457
Picture 5460 Picture 5463
Picture 5404

The frame + hanger and cable stops come out to be 1120 grams.  I actually feel a bit crossed because that’s EXACTLY the high limit that they advertise.  I had hopped that being the 52cm size it’d be on the other end: 1060 grams or so.
Picture 5420
Overall the frame is built pretty well.  It’s just the finishing touches that are a bit lacking.  The edge between the resin and the bottom bracket insert could be a lot cleaner here.
Picture 5418
The carbon edges that contact the derailer hanger can be a bit cleaner up also.
Picture 5423 copy
The cable route hole isn’t drilled through!  Not a big deal but still.  These are the little things that a branded product would typically do better at.
Picture 5447
Lastly, the insides of the carbon tubes aren’t as smooth as I’d like.  Not sure how that came about but I figure its from poor fitment of the bladders during the molding process.
Picture 5431
The forks are a bit porky but they’re also pretty beefy.  They are tapered, meaning the top bearing is a normal 1 1/8 while the bottom is a 1 1/2. 
Picture 5433 Picture 5437
Headset and cable guides are both of good quality and respectable weights but of course they could be lighter.
Picture 5438
I love the integrated seatpost of the frame but the topper is just ridiculous.  167 grams for the stumpy!  That weight pretty much negates all of the weight advantages of having an isp.  Shedding the fat of the stubby will be the first order of business.

If you have any weight weenie parts at a good price, shoot me an email!