2:42 PM

New Rubber

I’ve done enough miles on my new MAXXIS Xenith Equippe Legere’s to be able to say that I’m extremely happy with them.  The weight savings almost makes the bike feel like a different animal.  The acceleration is superb and the grip isn't bad either! 

The weight came out to 155 grams per tire.  Compare that with 241 grams for the economical Schwalbe equinoxes and you’re looking at around 170 grams of rotational mass saved.
I also went with some Continental Supersonic tubes too but had two flats in less than 100 miles.  I guess they really are Race day ONLY tubes.  Its a shame because they shaved off another ~100 grams.  I’ll be trying out some marginally heavier Maxxis tubes next.
CT 50 tube