Nearing the end of my build on my Litespeed now and just getting a few last things to finish up the ride.  I’m never that picky with tires.  I hardly ever ride in the rain and I particularly don’t have the cahones to bomb down a twisty hill so I’m not too good of a judge of rubber.  I am frugal though and I found a pair of these Maxxis Xenith Equipe Legere’s from someone who changed their mind on them.  These are one of the lighter clincher tires available at around 160 grams per tire.  Compare that to an average tire’s ~220 grams and you’re saving a serious amount.  Further, consider that the weight saved is on the outermost part of the rotating mass and you’re talking a noticeable increase in acceleration. 
Picture 5302
To go with the tires I also picked up a pair of CT supersonics.  This is pretty much the lightest tube you can buy.  I’m waiting to see how they’ll do against my city streets.  I bought these on sale and annoyingly the long valve version was cheaper than the short valve version so I had to take a bit of a weight penalty. 
Picture 5389
Picture 5390
55.5 grams with the long presta!  On the right is a tube that I normally use/sell at 93 grams.
Picture 5391 Picture 5395