11:29 PM

Rue Update


Haven’t forgotten about my Rue. I finally got a chance to weigh her today and the frame + cable guides + bottom bracket bearings + derailer hangers + seat tube sleeve came out just shy of 830 grams… pretty good.

Now I’m just waiting on a nice used set of wheels to come along while I figure out what I need to build a custom set.
Picture 5374
Temporarily using this EDGE 2.0 fork while I try to find a deal on a 1.0. The original fork that this frame came with was the Alpha Q sub 300. I had a problem with one of the parts for that fork, couple that with the engineering failures I’ve read about it I’ve decided to not use it for now.
Picture 5376
The stem is a bit short… not sure what I’m going to do about it. I’m perfectly fine with its weight though.
Picture 5379
Bang-for-the-buck WOODMAN EL baby.
Picture 5380
This Ruegamer came with a BB90 bottom bracket. Nice if you’re looking for some weight savings but don’t mind being limited to the BSA stuff. This limitation is probably why I got this frame for such a good deal. Almost none of the seriously light cranksets are compatible with the bb90 setup =(
Picture 5384
ZIPP SL, great all around ultralight bars.
Picture 5387
Weight crusher + Ass smasher.
Part of me wants to hurry and build this beast just to see how it rides. The other half wants to dial in and tune every last part before throwing it on the frame… Money would fix that issue, but there isn't any to go around.