Picture 5448
I start this project off with a porky 110mm Easton Ec70 stem weighing in at 157.3 grams.  As with many Easton components though, their carbon is top notch and light,  Its just their hardware that weighs them down.  This can be demonstrated by weighing just the carbon stem body alone without any of the hardware. 

A bare carbon EC70 stem body comes out to be 87.1 grams.  Similarly I weighed a Syntace F109 stem (a weight weenie regular) and it came out to 91.4 grams.  So we know we’re working with a good platform here with the EC70. 
Picture 5510 Picture 5514
I thought about it and decided to change the handlebar clamp into a 2 piece system with 4 bolts instead of a single piece with 2 bolts. 
Picture 5782
Switching to the 4 bolt system allowed me to get rid of the heaviest piece, the face clamp plate.  I changed the plate to two bridges that are both lighter but will likely hold any handlebar more firmly because they distribute the clamping force better. 

Secondly,  getting rid of the 2 bolt system meant less stress on each nut which amounts to being able to switch the heavy steel nut inserts for 4 aluminum ones. 

Lastly, going from 2 bolts to 4 allowed for the use of smaller bolts. (Titanium M5 instead of the old steel M6’s)
Picture 5791
This is the stem body with 4 new holes drilled into it for the new mounts.
Picture 5783
The steerer clamp was quite simple.  Steel bolts were switched to Titanium bolts of the same size while the steel nuts were switched to aluminum pieces with longer bodies (more threads) to account for some of the loss in material strength.
Picture 5788
This is how it looks!  Edges and corners still need finishing.
Picture 5789
And the weight! 123.4 grams.  That’s a savings of 33.9 grams.  Not the 40 gram savings I was hoping for but material estimates can be off sometimes.
Picture 5760
Here it is with a bar to clamp.
Picture 5780 Picture 5768 Picture 5771
I will be using this on my daily bike to see how it stacks up.

As always any comments and suggestions are welcomed.