Earlier in the month I decided to lightly tune my Easton seatpost to save some weight.  You can read about it HERE.

As it happened I’ve gone into the deep end with all of this tuning and decided to go all the way with the seatpost. 

As I’ve mentioned before the post’s stock clamping pieces are horribly over engineered and heavy.  Being a  relatively light guy at 160lbs and not so much power I figure I can lose a few grams without any harm. 

The old tuned setup comes in at ~155 grams.
Picture 4840
As you can see the stock clamp mechanisms (with ti hardware) weigh in at a porky ~65 grams.
Picture 4841
I opted to replace the top clamp piece with yokes that I’ve made.  These work essentially the same way without having all of that extra mass in between.  Two m6x35mm bolts are also needed, opt for ti hardware to save more weight.
Picture 5127
The seatpost will need to be bored out because the old bolts are M5’s.
Picture 5129
Last on the list is the bottom carbon clamp.  This piece is quite over built.  The normal forces from the saddle’s rails will be localized to the outside edges so having the whole bridge is unnecessary.  Also, dome structures are geometrically strong so I’m not too concerned about flex. 
Picture 4957
10 minutes with a Dremel and a rather conservative (i chickened out) shave netted me a savings of 2.5 grams….  This mod isn’t for anyone.  Had I known the savings would be so minimal I probably wouldn't have done it.
Picture 4960
Simple enough!  Saved almost 30 grams!
Picture 5124
Picture 5130