Got my spacers done today! 32x37x2mm
Picture 5592

They fit quite beautifully too.
Picture 5602 Picture 5594

Here’s how the bearings look once seated.
Picture 5604

This time around the spindle fit perfectly. I had to play around with the spacers a bit. I ended up only using the two spacers with the stepped lip and not the wavy washer.
Picture 5607

All torque down and everything fits and spins smoothly.
Picture 5613
Picture 5616

This experiment isn't finished though. I suspect that these bearings will wear out quickly if not fail very prematurely. If it happens that the drive side (that’s what I suspect) fails first I will be adding another bearing to that side making it a 3 bearing system.

If they both fail, then I will see about a way to widen the BB seat to 8mm so 4 bearings could be used.

Stay tuned.