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I recently picked this up just to see how these Chinese frames ride before I finish my own build.  This is an FM001 frame, the original Chinese unbranded frame.  The styling is quite awkward to me.  I believe the Pinarello style fork and oddly angled stem is a big reason why it looks so weird.  Styling and design cues aside this frame’s build quality is superb!  Way better than my FM028 frame and as good as any major brand bikes I’ve had. 
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The frame itself is quite light.  It allegedly weights 1100 grams at most.  The Shimano Ultegra Triple group doesn’t help though, neither do the wheels or any of the components.  All together you get a nice SOLID ride, a set it and forget it robust kind of ride. 

The frame overall feels great.  No flex, no weird sounds, and is stable.  Coming from a Ti frame I can say that its stiffer than my Litespeed.