I took it on a short shake down ride down the street and everything feels quite solid and smooth.  The steering is neutral and easy to handle.  The brakes have a very stiff unyielding feel to them which i think is from the cables.  The shifters are nice and fluid so far but I still need to dial them in a bit more.
Picture 6181 
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Before the cable install I was worried about the internal cable routing but it seems like there are guides in the frames because the cables go straight to where they need to be.  If you’ve ever routed cables on a Kestrel Talon, you’d know how difficult it could be, this frame is nothing like that.
Picture 6187 
The bottom bracket shim also seems to be working just fine. No play in the pedals and no restrictions in the spinning.
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Build List! 
Fm028 List
And the actual weight… I am not sure where more than 80 grams came from but that’s alright!
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