I’ve finally gotten around to building this thing.  I chose to use some of my SRAM Force components on this build along with some other straggling pieces I have lying around.  All will be listed along with pics and weights! 

I’ve posted more info on this frame in the first post.  FM028 ISP Carbon Frameset

I’ve also come up with a “theme” or some constrains for this build.  Its always good to come up with some constraints so you don’t go blowing all of your money and time with no goal or achievement in mind.  Some goals I had in mind:

- Sub 15 lbs
- Keep component tuning to a minimum as this can cost a lot of time and money
- The only major tuning would be with parts that I make myself
- Ultimate goal: sub 14 lbs with all custom made parts.

So hopefully by the end of the build this bike will be fully equipped with The-Climb components.
Picture 6031 Picture 6032
These Sram Force brakes were surprisingly light.  It made it hard to not add some titanium and aluminum bits to them and make them even better but I had to stick to my own rules.
Picture 6036 Picture 6038
The Sram Force FD was disappointingly heavy but I hear it functions well.  Maybe I’ll make my own front derailer..
Picture 6041
Definitely will be making my own FD clamp soon and ii will definitely be lighter than 28 grams. 
Picture 6043 Picture 6047
I’m going with another pair for Easton EA90 SLX wheels as they have been good to me on my other bike and they always seem to pop up in the classifieds.  at 1510 grams with tape they’re at a very respectable weight.  I will see if I can bend the rules a bit and use some Velo plugs.
Picture 6048
Definitely going to break the rules to switch these Easton skewers out for some…
Picture 5398
30 gram Ti Bolt skewers… It just makes much more sense to break the rules in this case.
Picture 6051 Picture 5438
Great all around saddle.  Might make my own saddle soon ;).  New seat mast is already in the works.
Picture 6053 Picture 6054
Need to use up my stock of Specialized fat tires before I can spend on more lightweight tires.
Picture 6059 Picture 6057
The Sram group came with its own cassette but I much prefer my spare Dura Ace cassette for shift quality.
Picture 6061 Picture 6063
Sram Force shifters will have some new clamps transplanted into em!  Plain carbon Ec70 or 90 bars…
Picture 6075
These will be used temporarily until X2 or X1 pedals are found.  Custom butterflies will be made for those along with bolts.  At that point Ti spindles will round out the set.
Picture 6080 Picture 6083
Are custom CNC cranksets in the future?? Probably not as the tooling for some of the details is quite prohibitive.  The weight on these RED cranks always disappoint me a bit though.  I always compare everything to the DA 7800 cranks and these are just not any lighter or better and it’s been YEARS. 
Right now the bike stands at ~14.5 lbs without cables, and expander, bar tape, and chain.  It looks like the arbitrary 15lb mark is dangerously close!
Picture 6066
Picture 6070
Picture 6072