Wrapping up with this build finally!  Here are the final details.

I decided to go with a Dura Ace 10 speed cassette that I had lying around. Its a 12-26T cassette that should work perfectly for me as I’m not too strong yet and I’m not using a compact crankset.  I always run into spacer issues with cassettes.  Luckily I can make my own spacers quite easily.
Picture 6013
Picture 6008
Picture 6011
For the chain I went with the Dura Ace links that came with the cassette above, 253.4 grams and smooth as warm butter.
Picture 6016
I chose to go with an Omni Racer steerer wedge and top cap setup.  I don’t 100% recommend this piece.  I will go into the details of that on a separate post.  It is, however, very light and cheap.
Picture 6023
Why am I using so many spacers? Because with any new frame one must leave ample room for adjustments.  I also might sell this frame afterwards so I will not likely cut the steerer.
Picture 6026
I’m pushing it quite a bit with the frame size.  The whole rear triangle feels small to me.  I have this feeling that I will hit the rear derailleur with my right heel.
Picture 6027
Picture 6029
Picture 6030
Cables!  I chose to go with Jagwire Racer cables.  I’ve had good experiences with Jagwire cables before.  They’re always a good bargain compared to all the other brand name stuff.  The Racer line is supposed to be their lighter, slicker setup.
Picture 6179
The full setup out of the package weighs 210 grams.  Both of the brake and derailleur housings are compression-less housings and the cables are all Teflon coated I believe.
Picture 6153
Many people complain about routing wires through SRAM shifters but mine went without a hitch.
Picture 6157
The housings were actually kind of a pain to install.  Reason being they are SOOO stiff.  It was actually difficult to get the front brake cable to the correct length.  If it was too long, it wasn’t flexible enough to go the right direction towards the brake caliper, and we all know the problem if its too short.   These cable housings would never work with brakes like Zero Gravity or such light weight designs that are prone to go off center.  I had to pull the cables and housings in and out several times to get housing lengths correct.  This caused some of the coated stuff on the cables to get scratched off, I hope that wont be a major problem.
Picture 6167 Picture 6169
Picture 6170 Picture 6173
Once they are installed correctly both shifter and brake lines worked great.  The unused bits came out to 54.2 grams!  Meaning only about 160 grams of cable, housing, and ferrules were used. 
Picture 6163
I chose to go with the bar tape that I also sell.  To my surprise they came out to 35.3 grams total!  That’s lighter than Bontrager’s “lightest” marketed bar tape, and mine is less than half the price. 
Picture 6159
They also have as much padding as any bar tape out there.
Picture 6177
The excess tape comes in a1 10.5 grams.  Netting a 25 gram bar tape setup.
Picture 6162
Build List and finished pictures coming soon.