Team China bike going for a ride in the hills. 
Picture 066
By the time I’m done with it this bike will be quite Frankenstein-ish, which matches this stem that I made quite well.    The whole ride I felt like the bar was slipping but every time i checked it didn’t seem so.  Just to be sure, a reference mark has been made to track any movement… No more guessing.
Overall the frame rides really smooth.  It tracks confidently and climbing on it feels more efficient than on my Litespeed, but its marginal.  The ride is definitely on the smooth supple side, nowhere near the feel of an entry level full aluminum frame bike.  I’m also running on 700x26c tires so that could be part of the reason for the smoothness too. 

I haven’t solidified any real opinions about this whole build yet so I’ll just list some pros and cons that I’ve thought about.

- Price.  A new frame can be had for about $500 shipped to your door.  Its hard to beat that with any new offerings. 
- Tech.  This frame comes with almost everything that a modern frame boasts.  Ie.  tapered fork, isp, thin seat stays, light weight, Integrated BB if you spec it.  Whether these things are worth it is up to you, but its all there.
- Build quality.  Its hard to say since mine wasn’t that great on the details but I've seen plenty that did have quality that rivaled any name brand frame. 

- 2nd hand market.  An almost comparable major brand frame 2nd hand frame(Fuji, Scott, ect) can be had at the same price range.  A fully built 2nd hand bike Is still a better value than building your own, even with a cheaper New frame.
- Some design cues are proprietary and isn't supported by the aftermarket (ie seatmast topper).