Picture 6418
Finished up the machining for the center mast.
Picture 6420
I weighed the mast and decided to go all out with the whole weight thing so I sacrificed a section of my EC90 post.
Picture 6424
They didn’t need this anyway…  I’ll be using the cut section as the cradle for the seatmast.  The bad part about this piece is that mine came from the bottom end of the post and the end is butted to be a bit thinner.  So my cradle is slightly thicker on one end than the other.
Picture 6426
One section is good enough for 2 cradles!
Picture 6432
Easiest way to measure is to just put it on the saddle rails and mark the contact points and file a nice seat into the cradle for the rails.
Picture 6440
The new yokes still have to be made but I’ve put in some spares just to gauge the weight, and its Greeat!
Picture 6444