A reader and extreme weight weenie suggested that I go with a Campy front derailer if I want to save every gram possible. Curious, I picked up an old cheap one. The campy comes stock with a carbon front cage, (I believe) ti inner cage and all stainless hardware. Stock, it comes in at 73.9 grams.
Picture 5924
For comparison, and what I already have: the SRAM Red fd. This FD comes optimized from the factory. It is said to underperform when it comes to shifting though, which is part of why I’m open to trying out the Campy FD. It comes with a full Ti cage, Ti and alloy hardware and weighs 68.4 grams.
Picture 5926
I don’t have all the parts yet but I threw on some nice alloy tuning bolts just to see and the weight drops significantly down to 66.4 grams.
Picture 5929
I did the same with the SRAM Red and it did come out heavier than the Campy. It looks like the suggestion was right, the campy fd is a lighter platform if you’re looking to save every gram and hopefully shift a bit better.
Picture 5937