1:52 PM

Scott Addict R2

I’ve hoarded so many parts from the Ruegamer build that I have enough to build two decent bikes. I decided to do just that before putting everything back on the market. It also helps to have a blog and have readers constantly offering you great deals.

I’ve always wanted to try out a Scott Addict. The trick is to get an 08 or 09 R2 as they are the same frame as the top rung R1, LTD, and SL versions, just with different paint schemes but they go for cheaper.
Picture 6365
Reviews say the geometry is somewhat aggressive but the ride is good… I always want to see for myself.
Picture 6371
Some of them come with the ISP. It doesn’t save any weight, it actually is heavier than if you were to use a 100g seatpost with the standard setup. It is, however, supposed to be stiffer than a standard post for better power delivery. Personally I think it looks cooler. Again, the seatmast is heavier than I’d want it to be and I also prefer a zero setback so Its either custom or I’ll have to buy one.
Picture 6375
Cable guides are all carbon!
Picture 6378
Front derailleur clamp is also carbon which is great.
Picture 6380
Reviews have said this again and again but the top tube is quite thin, so thin you can squeeze it with your fingers!
Picture 6382
HMX, that’s the good stuff.
Picture 6386
I decided to go with a standard bottom bracket so I don’t have to deal with press fit bearings. I also have an extra set of Vumaquads that’ll fit this perfectly.
Picture 6393
This rear junction has to be the ugliest part of the bike. The rear stays form an un-shapely mess where they meet the seat tube.
Picture 6390
Great frontal profile. Looking forward to this build as it should be quite a breeze and should finish before my Ruegamer does!