10:15 PM

Sram Red FD


Someone offered me a SRAM Red front derailer for a very good price. There was a catch though, the inner set screw was seized and the top was broken.
10 mins later with a vise grip… I broke the other end trying to rotate it out.
1 day later with a drill press… Trying to drill it out was not a success.
Picture 6034
Another day later. 1 hour with a Dremel >=D
Picture 6046
Picture 6048
Picture 6050
Picture 6040
that blasted bolt is gone for good! The reason this will still work is that if one tunes the cable right, then an inner limit is not necessary. That is, the inner limit can be set using the tension of the shifter cable.

This isn’t my best Dremeling job though =(