I took some stainless steel shimming sheets home to make the sleeve for my new Truvative BB but since I was at it I decided to just sleeve the old BB and try that out first.  These BBs usually have their aluminum sleeves wear out before their bearings actually get old.  This is a huge waste so I decided to be frugal and refurbish the old one.

The sheets I used were .1mm thick.
Picture 6077
Cut them to roughly the width of the bearings and the length should be a bit smaller than the inner circumference of the bearing.
Picture 6084
Check fitment.  It shouldn’t overlap as that’ll make the shim uneven.
Picture 6086
Cut evenly little flaps on on edge so that you can bend it outwards.  This will create the flange for the shim so that it doesn't slip as the spindle slides through.
Picture 6089
It should fit like this. 
Picture 6092
Picture 6094
Make sure plenty of grease is used and the thickness of the sheet depends on how much clearance you have.  My install was quite tight, perhaps I should have used a thinner sheet but its fine for now.  Tighten the crank bolt to spec.  There should be no more play and the crank should spin freely.  This is in no way an official fix for your worn bottom brackets, its just something to try if you think your BB’s shim is worn.  Do it at your own risk!