Weight tuning and optimizing a great performing but overbuilt and heavy set of brakes.
Stock Front:
Picture 5939
Stock Rear:
Picture 5941
For this job you need to take the whole caliper assembly apart.  You will need a whole set of metric Allen wrenches along with a 13mm wrench.  Before undoing any of the Allen bolts make sure you take out all of the mini fixing bolts, there are 2 on the main pivot bolt and 1 on the side pivot bolt.
Picture 5944
Picture 5957
Here are the main bolts to swap out.  One can save a tad more weight by swapping out the stock Ti cable clamp bolt and cable holder for a M6x8.5 Al piece but that’s going a bit far… especially on a brake unit where design limits should remain high.
Picture 5959
I had plans of switching the steel shoe bolt T nut for an alloy piece but did not have time to fabricate one.  Although, replacing a nut wont be as satisfying as replacing a bolt as a nut usually has a big hole though it, meaning less volume, meaning less material, which means very few grams will be saved.
Picture 5961
Many people don’t realize that the guys who post super duper light weight brakesets owe a lot of credit to their brake pads as these vary in weight quite a bit.  Braking quality is a whole other subject matter though.  I’ve replaced my stock front pads as they’ve worn down quite a bit and have a lot of aluminum and junk imbedded in them causing them to scratch my wheels’ braking surfaces.
Picture 5963
Probably the most efficient weight saving you can do to your brake calipers is changing the recessed mounting nuts.  Usually they’re steel and these pieces can very safely be switched to very light aluminum pieces.  If you don’t get the length right use a small pipe cutter to cut it to size.  Many people advise grinding them down but cutting them is much faster and cleaner.
Picture 5971
Here is the front caliper finished.  Notice I’ve taken the plastic piece off of the adjuster barrel but I've kept the spring.  A savings of about 17 grams.
Picture 5966
Here is the rear done exactly as the front minus the brake pads as I haven’t used these up as much.  saved 15.1 grams.
Picture 5973
Why I’ve tuned these heavy brakes:

- They perform so well and are such set-it-and-forget-it brakes, they work well with my all conditions bike
- I like the inconspicuousness of the whole build.  The whole bike definitely looks plain and heavier than it really is and these brakes fit that bill perfectly.
- Tuning these brakes came out to save 32 grams at the cost of $42.  that’s 1.3 $/g  which Isn’t TOO bad…but It shouldn’t be the first mod either though.
Picture 5983
Picture 5988
I got all of my supply for this build at www.torontocycles.com.  Their prices are one of the best and their shipping is reliable.