I’ve decided to build my addict R2 with a SRAM Force group. I’ve come to like this group quite a bit. Its inexpensive, its robust, and the mechanics are straight forward and simple. I don’t get the solid mechanical feel as I do with a Shimano DA group but the “feathery” feel lets me know Its light! For now I'm going to keep this build cheap and simple until I finish with the Ruegamer at least. That means no Ti/Al bolt tuning. No outrageously light parts. Just plain good parts that are weight conscious. So far this simple build comes out to 5760 grams, which is about 12.7lbs and should be up and riding by next week!
Picture 6492
Waiting on tires for the AMC wheels and bearings for the Vumaquad BBs.
Picture 6501
These GSL’s aren’t the lightest option but they just look so damn good!
Picture 6504
Sram FORCE shifters are one of the best value items out there! They're light, they work great, and they look good too.
Picture 6506
Syntace Stems, as said before, are great value for money. I got this 100mm stem for 30 bucks and its plenty light. I find it hard resisting the urge to swap the bolts with Ti pieces.
Picture 6508
I actually DON’T like the SRAM FORCE front derailleur so much, It works well but its a pig compared to others in the same price range.
Picture 6513
SRAM Force rear derailleur's are good in my opinion. They come stock at a good weight. they perform well and can be tuned quite dramatically.
Picture 6499