I came home today and checked my mail! Sure enough my bearings were in!!! Enduro ceramic bearings, just what I needed for my Vumaquads.
Picture 6578
They slipped in the cups nice and snug without any hassle.
Picture 6583
Stupid Zipp, what's the point of putting a torque rating on a cup that needs a proprietary hand wrench to turn! Is someone supposed to have a proprietary Zipp torque wrench too?
Picture 6585
Fitment went without a hitch, this was a much easier job than the BB90 setup I did (and have yet to test out). At this point I was about done. I still needed the said Zipp wrench to tighten the cups so the install had to wait another day.
Picture 6586
But THEN! The Fedex man knocked on my door with a package that contained a set of Stronglight Pulsion cranks! I had ordered these awhile ago and they’ve finally came in.
Picture 6589
Picture 6592
Picture 6595
Picture 6597
These were the lightest crankset on the market for awhile until small companies like THM and such blew that market out of the water with their offerings. The arms have a very unique design. The feel and look of the whole thing is amazing in my opinion. The system uses an ISIS bottom bracket which is an open standard that allowed for superb lightweight high value Taiwanese options.
Picture 6607
The whole system weighs a scant 596 grams. That’s only about 10 grams heavier than the Vumaquads.
Picture 6574
Picture 6570
I decided to throw them on the Scott. Installation is simple enough, though it felt a bit backwards to use something with an internal BB bearing.
Picture 6611
If one were to look them up they might find that these have a bit of notoriety. They’re known to have some failure issues with the spiders. As seen on some of the pictures up top the spiders are indeed very thin. Care must be taken to ensure the chainring bolts are torqued down correctly. On the other end of the statistics, most who have actually owned them love them. For me their functional and aesthetic value is enough for me to give them a try.
Picture 6614