For the addict I wanted to try another set of weight weenie tubes. The Continental supersonics I tried before failed on me after about one ride around town. Hopefully these will be better.
Picture 6630
American Classics with Sapim CxRay spokes and red velo plugs make this set ridiculously light!
Picture 6635
This was my first time using Nokon cable housings and it was a Pita. Getting the length of the liners correct then the housings on the liners was a lot more time intensive than I had imagined. Measure once, cut twice. Or just cut longer than needed every time just to make sure.
Picture 6647
The HMX frame weighs a sweet 867 grams bare! Couple that with a 280 gram ford and you’ve got a real good starting platform.
Picture 6338 Picture 6340
Derailleur hanger and headset.
Picture 6345 Picture 6350
Light weight rubbers. The Contitnental supersonic tires were a bit disappointing, each tire came out 15 grams over claimed weight. They’re supposed to ride quite nicely though, and that’s the most important thing.
Picture 6634 Supersonic tire 2
Nokon housings come out to be about 160 grams from the factory and about 140 grams installed. About any plain good quality cork handlebar tape will come out to about 40 grams installed if you don’t pad it up too much.
Picture 6640 Picture 6673
Sram force derailleurs, the front derailleur is always a bit disappointing in weight. This can be switched out to about any older dura ace derailleur for quite cheap to save weight.
Sram force fd 2 Sram force rd 2
Stronglight Pulsions, old but still very competitive. The pedals are X2’s with my custom butterfly plates and Ti screws.
Picture 6570 X2 Al Plates Ti Boles
Syntace F109 Stem and a Schmolke steerer cap.
Syntace f109 100mm Picture 6514
Dura ace chainset.
Picture 6059 Picture 6016
The SRAM force shifter is so close in weight to the Reds that they’re always a good choice. Zipp SL handlebars are great in weight and feel if you’re not too heavy of a rider.
Sram Force  BR 2 Zipp sl tb
The SLR Carbinio Flow with the stock Ritchey seatmast that’s quite heavy.
SLR flow saddle Picture 6344