1:37 AM

Donut Run

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Still feeling a bit weak from Saturday's ride I decided to take it easy and take the CAAD 9 out for a simple late night city run.  Simply put, the differences between it and the carbon bikes I’ve been riding lately are miniscule.  Acceleration is great.  It doesn’t flex as far as I can tell, and its nice and lively without being scary, much livelier than the current 05 Tarmac I’ve been riding.  There’s a nice little bounce to it when you’re accelerating.  Even the new Sora shifters had me a bit impressed.  They shift cleanly and are quite precise.  The rest of the components don't have the nice lightness and solid feel of a Dura Ace or Sram Force group but as far as getting the job done, I’d say its 90% there.  I’ll have to see how it does with some major climbing duty. 
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