1:51 PM

Fibre Lyte


I’ve been hard at work thrifting around the internet looking for deals. This one came all the way from the land down under.
Picture 6909
52/39T set comes out to 83.3 grams.
Picture 6915
The original chainrings in the same size comes out to 146.6 grams.
Picture 6916 Picture 6917
A bit of weight is gained on the hardware as the Zipp chainrings use proprietary “no nuts” chairnings that have tapped inner rings.
Picture 6919
Beautiful, but something is wrong…
Picture 6920
Perfecto. Now all of the weaves line up. The whole setup just looks damn menacing. Saving 60+ grams is great too and it being rotating mass makes it even better. I can’t say how they perform yet but I’m not too worried as they’re a tried and tested item.