I’m finally doneee.  There were so many issues I had to get around to getting this first piece done but I finally have all the pieces together.
Picture 6921
The cradle doesn’t set into the mast body as I’d hope.  I actually don’t know why, the first mast fit a lot better but I had to change the milling process to make sure everything aligns better and now the cradle seat doesn't fit. 
Picture 6925
I also miss-drilled a hole in one of the yokes…
Picture 6926
For the binder bolt I tried something new.  I went with a high tolerance fit between the mast body and the carbon mast.  This requires a lower torque from the binder bolt which allows for the use of a smaller bolt, which should save some weight.  With all that thinking done I missed a very simple point, to make enough room for my Allen wrench to fit!  That’s a design flaw right there…
Picture 6937
Everything is alright for now.  I took it for a short ride around the block and it was okay.  Lets see how well it’ll do with heavy climbing and pothole duty.  Overall it saved me a good 100 grams.
Picture 6928