4:56 PM

Hilly Tarmac

I took the Tarmac out for a nice ride in the hills of Orange last night.  Right as the ride ended I realize that I’m not too good of a reviewer.  I guess I’m not that sensitive to the intricacies of riding but here are some of the things I did notice:

- The ride is solid but comfortable.  This could be due to the thick padded saddle which I haven’t used in awhile.  I honestly couldn’t feel much from the frame.
-  I find that I don’t like the older 10 speed Ultegra shifters anymore, they’re a bit skittish and they don’t POP into place like DA or SRAM.
-  Power transfer is good but it didn’t feel as lively as the FM028 I’ve been riding.  I suspect this to be because of the difference in wheel + tire mass. 
-  The handling is also very stable, there is no twitchiness even on fast descents.