9:34 PM

Lollypop Pedals

These puppies were easier to manufacture than I had expected so I popped out a bunch.  They also came out very close to the predicted weight which is always great.
Picture 6625
This is a set of X2 pedals with the spindles converted to Ti.  158.6 grams for the pair.
Picture 6653
This is with my new aluminum plates.  137.2 grams!  They’ll be lighter once the Ti screws come in.
Picture 6655
THis first run isn’t perfect though. The fitment is a tiny bit off and the chamfer isn't big enough.  This caused the pedals to not work with the cleats. 
Picture 6656
Picture 6659
A little filing has done it some good though.  Now they work but just a bit picky on entry due to the unsmooth chamfer.  When these wear out the next run of plates will be perfect.
Picture 6661
Now with the Ti Bolts the weight drops down a bit, but in my mind totally not worth the time, money, and potential strength loss.
X2 Al Plates Ti Boles