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I’ve received my Reynolds carbon pads today and the Rue is finally ready for takeoff. 
I caught a friend on my way out and so he joined me for my shakedown run.  So far the bike feels tidy.  The Steering feels very neutral.  There is no noticeable flex from the frame or the wheels.  Most of the bounce i felt seemed to come from the saddle/seatpost.  Fiberlyte, KMC, and Recon seems to be a good combination, the chainline runs very smooth and shifts nice and crisp.  Braking is moderate, there isn't the enormous grip that is accompanied with a good set of pads and an aluminum rim but its very adequate.  It does “feel” light but riding on the flats I'm not so convinced if that’s actual or just a placebo affect.  However, when I’m done with my ride and i pick it up to carry it in the house it for sure DOES feel light, I suppose that’s a good start.
SO far so good, I’m just anxious to see how long the bottom bracket bearings last.  Maybe they’ll die once I take them to the hills, maybe they wont.  We’ll see.