I finally had time to install the Alligator iLink cables. If you’ve never done this before plan on taking an hour or two… or if you’re trying to save ever last gram, plan on having a nice day with your bike. The iLink standard size for brake cables come with a bunch of extra odds and ends that aren’t all necessary so pick your pieces as you like. The liner is quite nice the way it melts in an open flame to lock the beads in. For the liner, measure twice cut once. The housings are easy to deal with. Just make sure they’re completely compressed.
Picture 7263
Coming along.
Picture 7266
I used iLink Mini’s for the shifter cables. These things are tiny. They’re a bit harder to work with but function the same way. The liners don’t melt the same way the standard ones do so you can’t lock the beads in so it makes it a tiny bit more of a hassle to install.
Picture 7269
One of the things I wish I had done before was modify this cable guide. Being a custom made frame the cable guide doesn't fit perfectly. This could later cause bad shifting due to the give that the guide has in it. It took me about 30 minutes to shaved it down as flush as I could and it still wasn’t perfect.
Picture 7271
The guide was also too short, causing the cable to drag along on the frame so I installed a nice bit of housing liner to make sure it slides smoothly.
Picture 7273 Picture 7275
Looks like some kind of MONSTA!
Picture 7276
I changed my mind on the last minute about using heat shrink for the brake lever hoods… i just couldn’t bare the thought of the hoods feeling any less than they are… User interface is quite important to me. The projected weight savings would have been from 10-20 grams. I’m still exploring some other methods of saving weight here.
Picture 7279
Here are the weights of the leftovers. I messed up a bit but the total weight of an installed iLink setup is about 80-100 grams.
Picture 7287 Picture 7288
To finalize things I trimmed the M2 Racer seatpost. Now its LIGHT.
Picture 7281
I’ve also trimmed the fork steerer a bit.
Picture 7283
Temporary spacer used until i get my fitment set.
Picture 7284
Bartape and some minor stuff and Ruegamer Part 1 is done!