As discussed earlier in the week I want to lighten up the SRAM red shifters. One of the ways to do this is to reengineer the clamp bands and I did just that. I couldn’t justify the price of BTP carbon clamps or titanium 7900 clamps so I made my own. If you can’t use steel because its too heavy and carbon manufacturing is prohibitive the next option is aluminum. To compensate for the lack of elasticity in the material I’ve beefed up the piece geometrically. Weight is still better, and hopefully nothing’s going to snap!
Picture 7245
Picture 7247
For the T Bolts I machined down the heads of two M6 Titanium bolts.
Picture 7252
For the mounting nut that goes in the shifter, aluminum recessed brake caliper nuts work perfectly. One must turn down the heads so that the corner doesn’t protrude out of the shifter.
Picture 7243
All together about 15 grams, less than half the weight of a standard set.
Picture 7254
The clamps install a bit more difficult than standard clamps as they have no give in them but I wanted the fit to be as tight as possible so the loads are distributed as evenly as possible.
Picture 7262
The weights of the original is documented here