Here’s my stock Sram Red Rd. Very light already and very very accurate, I love the feel of the SRAM red RD + Sram red shifters.
Picture 7087
Here’s the same derailleur EXPLODED!
Picture 7090
I’m replacing the jockey wheels with carbon pieces. These save more than 10 grams by themselves.
Picture 7095
The Ti pinch bolt is replaced with an aluminum bolt. The pinch washer piece is also replaced with an aluminum one.
Picture 7096
So far so good.
Picture 7101
Now, I always found the cable adjuster barrel to be overly complicated and is a waste of weight so I’m replacing it with a simple alloy barrel adjuster. In order for that to work you have to make a new tapped sleeve for the new adjuster to screw into. If you don’t think you can do this don’t try to take the oem piece apart as you’ll likely break the C clip as I did.
Picture 7100
I found a nylon wall tap piece (not sure what they’re called) to use to make the sleeve.
Picture 7104
You’re going to need some taps!
Picture 7106
Drill the correct sized hole and tap away.
Picture 7107
Only the top part is needed so use a knife or blade to cut it from the rest of the plastic.
Picture 7113
Picture 7114
Picture 7117
So far about 20 grams is saved. 126.7g is a good weight for now. I’ve opted to not go too far until the whole bike is built and running first. With alloy jockey bolts, nylon limit screws, some sanding of the cages, and maybe some drilling/shaving another 10 grams can be saved…
Picture 7119