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Zipp Fix Pt. 3

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Finally! my first self built wheel in all of these years.  It all started with a cracked Zipp 303 rear wheel that I wanted to use again.  I found a carbon 50mm rear rim with the same number of holes for very cheap locally and jumped into the project.  I measured the ERD.. found out the hub specs and calculated the required spoke lengths for the new build.  The calculated lengths were close enough to the stock spokes so I thought I’d just give it a try.  Its not recommended that one use old spokes or nipples but for the sake of this “fix it” build I didn’t mind saving some dough. 

The new rim is thicker than the old but uses internal nipples so it made it a bit different, and a bit tricky to work on but everything else was straight forward enough.

I laced the spokes the way they were before, with this hub setup there was only one option anyways.

After they were laced I tightened the spokes equally and trued it so that it wasn’t too crazy in order to work on the next step.

After it was trued a bit I worked on making the wheel round… this was incredibly hard for me.

After it was round I Trued the wheel to about 95% then dished it by relieving tension on one side and tightening the side that needed more concavity.

After it was dished I trued it to completion…

Now I'm stretching a tire on it to prepare for the gluing process.

I’m not completely sure if my methods were correct, I actually just did it on a whim with minimal knowledge  beforehand but found that it works well for me so far.
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Just to get it 100% correct I’m going to need to fab up some kind of spoke holder to get these bladed spokes facing the right way.

I also need to buy some kind of spoke tension mech to get some official figures checked out, right now the tension is hand-checked.