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Kcnc brakes are getting more prevalent in the 2nd hand market nowadays as people are getting bored of them and off to trying new things. Like many people have said, the CB1 series lacks the “bite” or “grab” that most heavier brakes have. I’ve ridden on mine for a good month now and I’d have to agree with most people but I’ll also say that the lack of grab isn’t as bad as it seems. Braking is still very adequate if you’re around 155lbs like me. Add that with the extreme light weight and the 2nd price and these brakes are a great option for light weight budget conscious weight weenies.

The problem with buying these used is that they’re always filthy. Due to the machining, the cutouts in the arms catch a lot of dirt and grime and one can feel this when clamping the calipers together by hand. It’s painfully gritty and non-fluid. Luckily disassembling the calipers to clean them is quite easy:
Picture 7571
First remove the two Hollowed out alloy bolts using a 4mm allen wrench. Facing the front of the calipers you’d turn the bolt ccw to unscrew them.
Picture 7572
Then remove the spring from one of its seats with a screw driver or pliers.
Picture 7578
Here they are disassembled and ready for cleaning.
Picture 7580
As one can see, the grime and dirt issue is pretty serious.
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I’ve let them sit in a pool of Simple Green and will deal with the grime in a day.