5:44 PM

Gluing Tubulars

Picture 7552
This is my first attempt at gluing a tubular tire.
Picture 7555
First I cleaned off all the surfaces with alcohol.
Picture 7576
I went with Vittoria Mastik glue mainly because my local shop had them and these are known to be flexible enough to not be such a pain when it comes time to remove the tire.
Picture 7579
I used a cheap machine shop brush to apply the glue.
Picture 7581
I used a nice thin even layer on the rim and let it set for a day.
Picture 7584
Same with the tire, a thin even layer and 1 day of setting.
Picture 7635
This is the time to install the valve extenders if you need to.
Picture 7640
After a day it was time to get it on!  I applied a layer of glue on the rim and one layer on the tire and immediately installed the tire.  It was a quick and anxious moment trying to get the tire to sit straight and making adjustments before the glue got too sticky.  I suggest putting a good amount of glue on as too little will result in over-tackiness which will make it hard to adjust.  Inflate the tire to about 20 psi and spin the wheel to look for uneven spots.  After its all even and adjusted, inflate to max pressure!
Picture 7645
I didn’t buy any cleaners to wipe off the residue so it looks pretty messy right now but it looks like it'll set nice and strong.