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MCFK Cappy


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Mcfk seatposts and seatmast toppers are quite standard in their designs but very high quality in their product execution.
Picture 7835
This molded cradle is a far cry from a chopped and split half pipe that I usually see and make for myself. Its extremely stiff and comes with the added surface area to alleviate pressure points from the saddle rails.
Picture 7833
I have mixed feelings about the way this band is just added here. I kind of wish it was somehow molded in as a single part. It doesn’t matter really, but for a high priced unit such as this, I didn’t want to see them using something from their parts bin.
Picture 7839
Picture 7840
On a side note though, i love the design of these clamps. Two separate strips of carbon have an aluminum insert at each end to provide the counter bore hole on one end and tapped hole on the other, its elegant and SO efficient.
Picture 7830
The whole topper weighs in at 75 grams, which is quite standard for a light weight seat mast topper.
Picture 7847
IN contrast the old WCS topper with the clamping mech. that I absolutely hate weighs in at a porky 125.6 grams. At this weight, I might as well go with a non integrated seatpost setup.