Picture 7729
Picture 7738
Schmolke is just tooo crazy.  One doesn’t get the same sense of appreciation for this company’s innovations and hyper-engineered parts as I do until they have tried to do it themselves. 
Picture 7730
Picture 7734
The yoke design on this post is simply amazing.  Typically, tension is held solely on a skinny 5mm bolt, whereas this design uses a beefy triangulated yoke that extends all the way pass the center beam.  There,  a set screw applies tension to the yoke. 
Picture 7732
Picture 7739
The carbon cradle has a very intricate carbon band that both strengthens the cradle and provides more surface area for the saddle rail.
Picture 7745
Of course the shaft itself is heavily butted inside but the pics of that didn’t turn out very well. 
Picture 7743
Any the weight for all this beefiness?  Still a ludicrously light 91.3 grams for a 27.2 x 250mm post.