I got a chance to put my Chinese Fm028 Frankenbike through some heavy climbing duty today at Mt. Baldy.  This was my 3rd attempt at ascending the mountain and I’ve only made it to the top once before.  This time though, my bike is more properly outfitted for the job with compact cranks and a 11-28T cassette.
The area on the base of the mountain is just gorgeous!
3/4th of the way there, banana break at the lodge.
The 2nd half of the ride is a monster of a climb but this time we were met with a beautifully dangerous surprise.  SNOW!
The road near the top was extremely icy and slippery.  Couple that with an intense incline and fatigue and it is easily my most epic ride so far.
It was crazy to be in Southern California and to be able to bike up to a winter wonderland in a span of 2 hours. 
We were all glad to make it to the top unscathed, especially this guy.
So far so good.  My steed breathes healthy and strong. 
The descent was quite dangerous and numbingly cold at first but as we got to the warmer parts it was a blast.  I ended up with a slow leak that thankfully didn’t empty out until I got all the way down.