6:25 PM

Yoke Fix

Picture 7791
Picture 7794
I got around to making new yokes before turkey day.  The new ones are just the old design that I already did awhile back for my Litespeed.  The only difference is the size of the tapped hole, M5 instead of M6.  These babies take a bit longer to make but besides that I’d say they’re superior in every way. 
Picture 7804
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Picture 7800
Because the new yokes weren’t designed specifically for this setup there was a small fitment issue at the front end.  Right now the yoke settles on the seatmast body.  This position allows for a flat saddle surface.  I usually like the saddle mounted with the nose tipped down a bit so some shaving might have to be executed if my butt requires it after a ride or two.