Picture 7970
I got a few things done for the Record FD while I wait on some parts that need to be made.
Picture 7976 Picture 7982
First of all this main piece here could use a little trimming down. I found some sections that had unnecessary material so I removed it.
Picture 7985
These barrels that were once solid are now bored out.
Picture 7989
This attached pin was also once solid and now has a nice hole going through it.
Picture 7983
The result: 2 grams saved.
Picture 7949
I also got to work on the new titanium spring using a Ti wheel spoke.
Picture 7955
I pinched the spoke down with a bolt that was the same OD as the original spring’s ID, I believe it is an M8 bolt.
Picture 7957
One can slowly and carefully wrap the spoke around the bolt by hand. Here it is finished. I made the mistake of not bending the 90 degree section first, it’d be a lot easier to do that before wrapping it around.
Picture 7959
Here it is test fitted. Don’t cut the extra length of the spoke until you’re completely finished as this length makes it a lot easier to install the spring. The torque from the new spring is quite good. I’m sure its weaker than the steel spring but its not noticeably so. So far the weight savings is about 3 grams UNCUT.
Picture 7960
Next we replace this M4 steel bolt that holds he top arm in place. There is no real tension on this bolt as its purpose is only to sandwich the arm on its pivot so an aluminum bolt can be used.
Picture 7962 Picture 7965
Before going out and buying a new aluminum bolt remember that there is one in the rear derailleur. Conveniently one doesn't need the outer limit bolt as that can be accounted for with proper adjustment of the cable. This way one saves money AND weight from the front AND rear derailleur.
Picture 7967
1.5 grams saved with a chopped to size limit bolt.
Stay tuned. We’re not done yet.