I got the right sized pins and pretty much everything done today!
Picture 7981 Picture 7984
The ones on the left are obviously the ones that I made. They’re 6061 alloy and they save about 3 grams.
Picture 7986
This baby is back to operational mode. Its at 56.3 grams right now and will likely drop another gram once I get some Nylon limit bolts on there.

To recap what I’ve done:

1. Changed Steel m5 mounting bolt to Aluminum
2. Changed Steel m4 cage bolt to Nylon
Picture 7987
3. Swapped Steel m4 pivot bolt to Aluminum
4. Swapped steel m5 pinch bolt for aluminum
5. Swapped steel pivot pins for custom aluminum pins
6. Swapped steel spring for custom titanium spring
7. Drilled out pivot pin and aluminum body.

I possibly will replace the steel nut insert (8) that holds the mounting bolt but that will have to wait.