Not too long ago I designated this bike to be the experiment bike for weight weenie parts and hacks.  Lowe and behold all of the projects it has spawned since then.  With that said, now that I look at this bike, there’s an awkward look to it that I can’t put my finger on.  Maybe its the high stem, or the non-setback post, regardless, it rides great at 15lbs. 
Picture 7988
Picture 7992
Syntace F109 stems are still one of my favorites.  Theyre so simple and elegant and of course LIGHT.  I bought my first set of Ti bolts to tune this stem. 
Picture 7993
I tuned the front derailleur with aluminum bolts here and there.  I also used Ti pinch bolts for the left crank arm.  Pretty stealthy..
Picture 7994
My first attempt at tuning a rear derailleur.  What a sad drilling job…  The good thing is these kits are so cheap and they do look quite cool and save a good amount of weight.
Picture 7997
I have love/hate feelings for my decision to tune these 7800 brakes.  They work well, and they are very stealth and are respectably light now.  Problem is, what’s the point? I pent all that money to just be stealth.  At 150lbs on my lighter days I could have just bought Sram Force brakes for much cheaper and still be around the same weight.