I used to always wear a backpack and lugged my water bottles in them when I ride.  I’ve since grown out of that and am now ready to put bottle cages on my bikes.  Of course they have to be LIGHT!
Picture 7885
I bought these off eBay from a Chinese vendor. They took over a month to arrive but so far its been worth the wait.
Picture 7889
15 grams a piece!  pretty good.
Picture 7895
They came with these stainless steel bolts and washers that are horribly heavy.
Picture 7897
I decided to instead use one aluminum bolt in combination with a supporting Nylon bolt.   The weight savings is tremendous. 
Picture 7901
I mounted the Aluminum bolt on the top where I figure most of the stress from inserting/removing the bottles will be transferred to the mounting bolt.  TH bottom bolt should only be resisting a shear force from the torque on the cage so the Nylon bolt should be enough for this application. 
Picture 7893
Picture 7899
They look pretty slick.  The problem with these “half” cages is that the bottom of the bottle tends to wiggle around a bit.  I might play with putting some sticky tape on the end of the cage if the problem proves to be big.