8:11 PM

Plain Clamp

Picture 8174
Seat clamps are cost effective ways to save weight.  Usually stock units are extremely overbuilt.
Picture 8168
These simple clamps can be found all over eBay.  This particular one is from 6Cycles, I got it because it was only $10.  The machining on the clamp is very good.  I am a bit worried that the bolt is only an m4 though.  That seems a bit skinny for this type of use but boutique builders like M2Racer used this style clamp with this size bolt without much problem.  When they did fail though, it is the clamp that fails, not the bolt.
Picture 8159
At 10 gram  this clamp saves more than 15 grams over the stock unit.  I suspect some dremeling of the unnecessary edges and a swap to a titanium bolt will save another 2 grams. 
Picture 8180