7:45 PM

Pump Mounting

Picture 7902
With new bottle cages I had to also up my Pump mount game.  I’ve never liked mounting the pumps where the cages are, they sometimes hit my legs, they look rather ugly, and the setup isn't portable.
Picture 7905
I’ve always wanted to mount the pump on the underside of the saddle pack.  Its out of the way and it looks clean.  I sometimes use the pack’s strap to hold the pump there but its far from being a sturdy hold.  Now its time to fabricate a way to mount this beast.
Picture 7907
First I cut slits on the bottom of the pack.  The top slits are for the Velcro strap and the bottom is for the plastic clamp/cage.  The bottom slits were supposed to go perpendicular to the top ones but I got overzealous with my cutting. 
Picture 7911
I cut one of the clamps off of the plastic piece and put notches in it. 
Picture 7913
Next i installed the Velcro strap.  Time to sew men.
Picture 7914
Easy enough, A cross pattern to get that clamp to sit nice and tight.  Keep in mind this setup is also lighter than the previous full plastic stuff.
Picture 7917
This is how it sits.
Picture 7918
Picture 7921
Now whenever I switch bikes all I need to do is bring the whole saddle pack with me and I’ll have everything I need.