1:09 AM


Wal-Mart has tapped into the fixie craze just as it seems to be dying and… i think its going to kill it for good.  I’ll be real and honest about this though, i have mixed feelings about these bikes.

The bad:  These things are the pure and ugly profit driven vehicles of bad taste, bad design.  I know they’re appealing to kids but offset color wheels? Yellow and Red?  Really?  One has to see these bikes in person to appreciate the mix of Chinese “bin” parts that were chosen to build this bike.  Lets not even discuss its designated name… THRUSTER.  Terrible, terrible thing.

The Good:  Its $100 bucks.  One will find it hard to beat that price even if they were given a free old frame and were very shameless with their parts selection.  My first real bike was a similarly priced (inflation adjusted) Huffy Bmx that I rode EVERYWHERE.  I commuted long distances to and from school.  It got me to the movies, friend’s houses, malls, everywhere.  More importantly, it got me to realize the real usefulness of a bike.  It was also so cheap that it made it reliable.  I remember if I were to spend more I would have gotten the model with the brake cable system that allowed for 360 degree rotations of the handlebar for tricks.  These gimmicks lead to problems, my bike was too cheap to have gimmicks, and therefore i was left with no problems. 

I see quite a few of these on the streets nowadays.  They’re easy to spot out because of the garish colors and there are plenty of them because of the price.  I hope in time the kids keep riding them.  I hope the don’t take the brakes off.  I hope they play with he seat height and get it right for once.  I hope they start tinkering.  I hope they paint over the yellow and red and get matching tires.  I hope they like it enough to move on to proper bikes as I did.