I spent all night last night installing a compact crankset on my Supersix in anticipation for my hilly ride.  The cranks installed wihtout a hitch but it took me an hour to get the chain’s quicklink off since I haven’t made any tools to make the job easier.
IMG_20120107_112447 IMG_20120107_120657
We followed the BCI Sat route of the day starting from Irvine going towards Tustin, then Orange and up to Anaheim and back.  There were a lot of climbs that I haven’t known about before.  The weather was gorgeously clear and comfortable. 
IMG_20120107_121316 IMG_20120107_124105
Special thanks to Eman and his girlfriend for their bacon, eggs and rice patties, without them I would have bonked or worst.  As for the Supersix, I was so glad that I had installed a compact on it the night before with all of the hills that we did today.  As for the Supersix being a climbing bike though, I'm not so sure.  Its firm and smooth, which makes power delivery great but the handling of the bike was so quick for me that when I was tired it was actually hard for me to keep the bike in a straight line.  Descending was great though.  The responsiveness gives the bike a very motorcycle feel.  Cornering while descending was more of a look and lean than turn and steer experience. 

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