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TIGHT is the word that should come to mind when looking at this bike.  The angles on this frame are ridiculous.  The fork has almost no rake!  Current tires are 700x25s and they barely fit.  Short seat tube, extra long top tube with super aggressive angles should make for a very quick ride and from a quick forum search it seems that that’s the case.
Picture 8706
Pista bars.
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Gorgeous Italian craftsmanship and flare.
Picture 8703
What’s better than a track bred frame of this attitude and style?  A track bred frame with Dura Ace 10 pitch!!!  I’ve seen these things on (a few) forums and hear them being discussed by the most hardcore of riders but never have I even seen a set in person.  

TO clarify:  This Casati comes with a DA 10 Pitch drivetrain.  Back in the days Shimano decided to make a (most notably) lighter track group set by reducing the pitch of the gears.  This reduced the diameter of the cogs and rings and ultimately dropped rotational inertia. 
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The system worked…  It made for tiny chainrings and cogs but it never caught on because of the staying power of the standard 1/2 inch (~12.7mm pitch) system.  Now only the most hardcore of riders actually ride with these.  
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